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December 23, 2017

4 Common Types of Erotic Massages

Massage therapy can be used to bring partners closer to each other through touch. An erotic massage can help de-stress, break the ice, or stimulate your partner into a relaxing mode. Adult massages can be incorporated into your lovemaking or simply as foreplay. This is mainly because they involve a nurturing sensation that will help to make your enthusiast feel pampered. Below are some types of sensual massages that you can incorporate into your relationship.

1. Duo Massage

Duo massage is also known as four hands massage. It consists of two people spending lots of time giving the each other a whole body massage. The masseuse rubs oil all over their body as well as the receivers. Sometimes this massage type leads to a body to body massage. The four hands body massage can sometimes be an overwhelming experience for the person receiving it. Depending on the partner, this type of massage could lead to sexual intercourse.

2. Soapy Massage

This type of massage involves two or more naked people standing in a shower. One person can lather soap in their hands and rub it on another person’s body while giving them a massage. This can be for either cleaning or sexual purposes. There are online resources available at TorontoMassage.me, which may provide you with more information.

3. Yoni and Lingam Massage

Yoni is also known as vagina massage. It is basically meant to honor, love, and respect the stimulating sensations of the vagina. Yoni means the Temple or Sacred Space. To get the most out of this massage, you should be in a relaxed place that will allow for full acceptance and enjoyment. Apart from enjoyment purposes, the massage helps build trust and respect in a relationship. It can also be used to deal with health issues, such as anorgasmia. The receiver does not have to have an organism.

The lingam massage is also known as penis massage. It consists of a masseuse stimulating the penis through massage. It also involves the testicles, shaft, external prostate, and perineum. The goal of lingam massage is for the male person to enjoy the effects of genital massage. Even though there is no need for you to ejaculate, most masseuses do not mind it.

4. Prostate Massage

The prostate massage involves the stimulation of the prostate gland. This is because it is said to be the sexual, emotional and sacred spot of the man. When the prostate is massaged, it helps release both psychological and physical pressure. The massage can start slowly, but it will eventually lead to the anus being gently stretched. For additional enjoyment, lingam massage can be incorporated.

Erotic massages can help reduce stress and built-in tension, which holds health benefits for the receiver. Most of the adult massages do not have to end with an organism or ejaculation but can help people enjoy the pleasurable sensations. These types of massages can also bring couples together if incorporated in a relationship.