HBT Working Group

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HBT was founded in the spring of 2009; built through compassion, solid and respectful relationships and a motivation for a better community for our LGBT2Q residents!

We are a community-based collaborative that brings together members of the LGBT2SQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, Trans, 2 Spirit, Queer/Questioning) community and its allies to address homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in the London area.

Our Purpose:

The HBT Working Group is a community-based collaborative that both responds to and advocates against all forms of social and institutional homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, and hate-motivated violence in our community. The members of the working group meet on a regular basis to share information, access support, and organize two annual community events to recognize the International Day Against Homophobia (May 17) and Trans Day of Remembrance (November 20).

Our Vision:

We envision a London that is inclusive of all its members regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, whether actual or perceived. Everywhere will be a safe place where LGBT2Q people and all other marginalized individuals are free of all forms of violence and isolation – be they physical, social, psychological, or emotional. In this London:

Our Support:

(September 2011) The London Police Service, in partnership with HBT, were pleased to announce the acceptance of a $47,000 grant from the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services used to enhance RHVP (Report Homophobic Violence Period), the hate helpline and other hate crime initiatives.
The London HBT Working Group (est. 2009) will use this $47, 000 grant to prevent hate crimes towards LGBT2Q (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, 2-spirited, Queer) community within London, through their “Anti-Hate Anti-Bias Strategy”:


In April 2010, the HBT Working Group was approved for a grant in development funding for the purposes of establishing a governance model, community partnerships, and a business plan for our Cultural Strategy. As such HBT will be working with the Small Business Centre to develop a sustainable and enriching program that will showcase HBT as a “new innovative and creative strategy.”

Our strength is our joint collaboration, creative ingenuity and collective passion to address local community issues. HBT is very appreciative of the City of London for this great new opportunity!

Other financial supports include CAW Local 27, ACOL, independents and other outstanding grants…