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The London HBT Working Group is a collaborative of local community-based agencies, major institutions and businesses, and community members whose aim is to bring attention to and address Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia in London, Ontario. HBT’s vision is of a London that is inclusive of all its members regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, whether actual or perceived, and that everywhere will be a safe place where LGBT2Q people and all other marginalized individuals are free from all forms of discrimination.

This website contains information and resources related to the London HBT Working Group, however, its main purpose is to serve as a help or support feature for our London LGBT2Q community. If you are a victim, witness or supporting someone from a hate related incident visit our “get help” section now.

The Working Group includes a mix of representatives from community-based agencies, associations, school groups and allied individuals. HBT will also attempt to partner with similar minority status social justice groups to bring attention and awareness to the localized issues of hate and oppression. HBT is Co-Chaired by mutually agreed upon designates from the Working Group. These roles can be voted upon annually. The London HBT Working Group has the option to include consultants and/or volunteers as available or needed. Membership holds several levels of distinction that need to be defined upon recruitment: There are two levels of membership—active and supportive.

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Updated member list: